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Mike (07.18.2019)
Hi... mike here are a sexy looking woman and I would love to meet with you soon. How far in advance do you like to book ? I will in town next month.
Also how did Bob comment on your nipples ..I do not see pics of them and I am a large nipple kind-of guy :-) can you send me the pic he seen .. me.. white guy 50 super clean fun and love to please too .. hope to hear from you soon
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Hi Mike,
Booking in advance requires a 20% deposit on appt. If you don\' t want to secure your time with me, then you can contact me the day you want to see me, and if I\'m available I\'ll be able to give you a time I can see you. It\'s never a good idea to call less than 2hours in advance of the time you want. My ability to accommodate in less than 2hrs is very rare.
I believe he signed up for my newsletter and has access to my \"members only\" picture gallery. Hope that helps, let me know if I can help with anything else. Looking forward to meeting you Mike!
Phoenix ~
Marco Polo (06.18.2019)
Your pics are so sexy. I would love to meet you soon.
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Bob Paglione (06.08.2019)
You have great nipples, I live in Vegas and will be contacting you soon
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Mike (02.17.2019)
You are very pretty and an amazing body. I would love to meet you some day.
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Happy to meet Mike, if your ever in Vegas feel free to book me.