Searching for qualified partner for filming and camming opportunities;

           I am looking to create a series of short porn videos for my site, or possibly for private sale. I am in search of a partner who has experience doing short videos, is in good shape, is willing to provide a current testing result summary, and has experience with multiple positions. If you feel you meet my criteria, please email me at phoenixlv69@ gmail.com with a short summary of your experience and background and a full body picture, clothes are optional in pictures bit if clothes please send a photo of penis fully erect.

Jay\'Ollie (05.22.2019)
Hi my queen phoenix I\'m young black man who has a high quality sex drive I can grow 9inch or better willing to give and receive your entire sex lifestyle to only u
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Wow. I\'m flattered luv. I take it you like my site! 😁 Happy to have you as a member.
Hi Jay,
Do u live in Vegas? Are you wanting to book time with me? Your email definitely made me smile. 😉